BlackMagic Design Pocket Cine Camera – BMPCC review

blackmagic pocket cine camera

For semi-professional low budget film making you will probably not find better equipment than BlackMagic Design Pocket Cine Camera (BMPCC). And let the small size not put you into confusion. It records up to 30 frames per second (I used 25fps) of full HD (1920×1080). The results this small cine camera produces are excellent. Is it better than video footage produced by Canon 5D Mk II? Yes, with native RAW film option the BMPCC produces better video/film footage with the highly demanded film look. The whole truth about BMPCC is that this is CINE CAMERA. If you used in the past film cine cameras like Kodak or Bolex you will find home with BMPCC. I will repeat it again: if you want film look in your video BMPCC is better option than Canon Mk II. I don’t know Canon Mk III, but I used Canon 5D Mk II with Magic Lanter and I used BMPCC and there is no doubt – for film look BMPCC wins (and not only because of film look). Out of the box BlackMagic Design Pocket Cine Camera produces RAW film quality full HD footage.

The music video clip on this website was produced with BMPCC. The small size is in fact advantage, because you can produce high quality video footage without attraction of too much attention. With 128GBP SD card you can record a bit over 32 minutes of RAW footage, which needs to be converted via DaVinci Resolve before you feed it into Adobe Premiere Pro. But the quality of the footage is so high, that any colour work (DaVinci Resolve is better for colour in fact) you would like to do in Adobe Premiere Pro will be much easier.

If you need high quality video footage with film look, I think that there is no more cost effective option than BlackMagic Design Pocket Cine Camera. Moreover, with adapters you can attach excellent Canon L lens and get aperture less than F2.0. One of the most useful options the BMPCC has is peaking – you can see green countours of objects in focus –  no more messing nad wasting time to be sure you get in focus what you wanted. Audio is acceptable, but audio usually is recorded separately for PRO projects, so for me mics quality onboard of cine cameras doesn’t matter at all. The small beauty also exports full HD signal outside, which means you can use high quality field monitor.

Are battery life about 20 minutes and the limit of about 30min of RAW footage on 128GB memory card disadvantages? Not at all, because this is PRO equipment for PROfessionals who think BEFORE they point and shot.

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